Thursday, January 3, 2008

How To Eliminate The High Cost Of Your Family Vacation!

With GRN you can know Eliminate the need for a “Timeshare” purchase and start saving 90% on accommodations cost and start paying “PER ROOM” instead of per person or per night, when you travel or go on family or group vacations. With the GRN (Global Resorts Network) membership you get to stay at a 4 & 5 stars resorts or hotels and select from over 5000 luxurious locations worldwide on the most sought after beaches, golf courses and mountains and pay only $298/Per room/tax incl. (Hot weeks registry) and a max of $799/Per room/tax Incl. (Live weeks registry) for 8 days 7 nights anytime of the year. You get all the benefits and the same everything of a timeshare but without making a timeshare purchase and what is even better there are No annual fee, No restricted or Blackout dates, No endless coupons or certificates to sort out, just select were you want to go book it yourself or call the 24 hrs customer service and you are done. With the GRN membership unlike a timeshare purchase that is going to cost you over $20,000 dollars with this Exclusive and unique membership you only pay a onetime fee of $2,995 USD (Lifetime Membership, which comes with unlimited guess passes a year) or $1,495 USD (for a 3 years Membership and go 3 times a year). This unique membership is revolutionizing the traveling industry because nothing like this has ever been offered before to the general public. The (90%) savings on accommodations is going to save you thousands of dollars every time you take a vacation plus you also get to save hundreds on cruises.

So before you plan your next vacation or cruise take a very close look at the GRN benefits and experience for yourself the tremendous savings its offering to all members that enjoy traveling and vacation at great locations close to home or worldwide.

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