Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't Be A Victim Of A Travel Scam!

To help avoid being a victim of a travel scam, the American Society of Travel Agents provides the following suggestions when evaluating travel offers:
» Be extremely skeptical about postcard and phone solicitations which say you’ve been selected to receive a fabulous vacation;
» You should receive complete details in writing about any trip prior to payment. These details should include the total price; cancellation and change penalties, if any; and specific information about all components of the package;
» If you insist on calling a 900 number in response to a travel solicitation, understand the charges and know the risks;
» Walk away from high pressure sales presentations which don’t allow you time to evaluate the offer, or which require that you disclose your income;
» Be suspicious of companies which require that you wait at least 60 days to take your trip.
For more information on how not to become a victim of travel scams you can visit the following links: Better Business Bureau, FTC or your local or state Consumer Affairs Office.

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